Football is the most played sport in the world. A big reason for this is that the game is easily accessible to anyone, seeing as it requires no more than a ball and some playmates. All over the world, children play football, all dreaming of pursuing a professional career someday.

In order to become a good football player, lots of practise is required. Children practise a lot at their local clubs, but also at home or at playgrounds, or on any patch of grass they can find. Football plays a large part in the lives of many boys and girls.

Playing football together is very good for children’s physical and mental development. It teaches them how to actively handle certain situations that can occur in different contexts later in life. Working together, winning and losing, taking care of your own and other people’s belongings, laughing, crying, and even quarrelling, are good examples of this.

The Dutch Johan Cruyff Foundation uses football pitches as a way to reach certain social objectives. Football connects, challenges, teaches, and provides opportunities.

Where sports are concerned, we at Size 5 Venues wish to contribute to the development of all children, and especially talented football players. Because every child has the right to be given a chance to reach their full potential.

We believe that every child should have a chance to safely work on their football skills every day.

That is why we want to give every child in Europe access to useful public training objects and high quality grass plots within walking distance from their home.