Size 5 Venues specializes in football-related accommodations of all shapes and sizes. From grassplots for public spaces to sports complexes for football clubs.

Fundamentally, we develop fixed training objects at Size 5 Venues, such as our VolleyWall. In addition to our own specials, we provide products like artificial grass, fences and goals. We can offer the best possible football pitch for any location.

We began Size 5 Venues because we can remember very well what it was like to be eleven years old. Nothing was better than playing football, along with friends or else alone. Making up all kinds of different rules, working on your keepie-uppie record, seeing how often you can make the ball hit a wall without having it touch the ground. You keep practising, practising, practising, dreaming of scoring the winning goal during a game at the World Cup…

Looking back, we realize how important that time period was for us – and how important it is for today’s children. We had the fortune of being able to develop our skills, learning a lot along the way. Playing sports so much in our childhood has done us a great deal of good leading up to our current careers.

Through Size 5 Venues, we devote ourselves to the children of today. By combining our own unique innovations with high-quality products provided by our partners, we are able to realize any possible football location. We don’t do it alone – we do it together. This way, we can provide young children with the same opportunities that we had.