Fencing element 4.0 m

This 4,00 m fencing element is the most used fence behind our goals and football walls. With an impressive height of four meters this fence keeps most balls inside. Our soccer cages are supplied as standard with backstops of this height and on our VolleyWall fields we use these elements as well. In this way footballers can play on without interruptions and local residents do not suffer from wandering footballs.

We use double welded mesh fences which are provided with sound dampening rubbers. Fences that are not provided with these rubbers vibrate up to five minutes after impact. These small, high-frequency vibrations are detrimental for the material. The use of rubber reduces noise disturbance and it extends the life of the fence considerably.

Combination possibilities
This element itself is already a combination of two 2.0 m elements. Combined with a goal it forms the perfect base for the short sides of any football cage. This element can also be placed at the long sides of the field. When used in a football cage, this fence can be used as boarding for speedsoccer.


Product name Fencing element 4.00 m
Item number 501114
Height 110 cm
Width 250 cm
Version Double welded mesh + sound dampening rubbers
Finishing Galvanized or powdercoated
Standard colors Gray, black
Foundation Concrete or drilled
Price On request

Use indicator
As a backstop behind the VolleyWall, behind a goal or in a football cage.

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