Fencing element 2.0 m

This 2.00 m fencing element is the base of our modular fencing system. It is mainly used as a backstop behind the VolleyWall and in the corners of our football cages. When used in a football cage, this fence can be used as boarding for speedsoccer.

We use double welded mesh fences which are provided with sound dampening rubbers. Fences that are not provided with these rubbers vibrate up to five minutes after impact. These small, high-frequency vibrations are detrimental for the material. The use of rubber reduces noise disturbance and it extends the life of the fence considerably.

Combination possibilities
It is possible to place this element as it is, but it also can be combined with an element of 2.0 m. This results in a 3.1 m fence. Two 2.0 m element form a backstop of 4.0 m high.

For the goals in our football cages we use two other elements of this height. The elements are only available in a football cage.

Product name Fencing element 2.00 m
Item number 501112
Height 200 cm
Width 250 cm
Version Double welded mesh + sound dampening rubbers
Finishing Galvanized or powdercoated
Standard colors Gray, black
Foundation Concrete or drilled
Price On request

Use indicator
Fencing of football playgrounds or football cages.

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