Artificial turf – Public space

TenCate XP Blade™ artificial turf fibres are specially designed for long-term intensive use. The fibres of this field don’t split and they prevent the infill from moving. This fibre combines durability with playability and therefore it is the best choice for the public space.

On an official game field we prefer to install other fibre types, but for artificial turf in the public space this is definitely the best choice.

These fibres stand for

  • Great playability: the surface retains its evenness and “natural” ball roll after extensive use
  • Superior durability: incomparable to any other product, tape or monofilament, does not split under intensive use
  • Excellent tuft bind: the yarn is well rooted into the turf system so the synthetic synthetic turf fibres are not lost
  • Better resilience than any other tape yarn
  • Much better looks than other turf tape yarns
  • Holds infill in place better than monofilament yarns, reducing infill splash, bumps and pot-holes
  • The perfect choice for high use fields indoor or outdoor

Source: TenCate

FIFA Preferred producer

A good surface is the most indispensable part of a football field – besides the two goals of course. At Size 5 Venues we acknowledge the importance of good fields. Therefore we entered into a partnership with the leading Dutch company Greenfields.

Edel Grass is one of the eight FIFA preferred producers in the world. This means all of their fields meet the values of the International Football Association. For you this simply means a quality guarantee.

Product name Artificial turf – Public space
Manufacturer TenCate/Greenfields – FIFA Quality Partner
Fibre type TenCate XP Blade™
Item number 501161
Application Public space, indoor
Fibre type Fibrilated fibre
Material Polyethylene
Type of yarn Monofilament
Color Fieldgreen
Lines White
Infill Varies per situation
Foundation Sand
Price per m2 On request


Although an artificial turf field requires less attention than an ordinary field, that doesn’t mean it needs no maintenance at all. Our fields are supplied with a maintenance calendar that exactly shows which work needs to be done. Much maintenance you can do yourself and for specialized maintenance can contact your account manager.

On the TenCate website you can find the following clip about this product:

Bron: TenCate