The design of public space is most often looked after by the local authorities. The result of this one-sided responsibility is that children’s opportunities to play sports depend on the financial capabilities of said children’s local authorities. We would like to offer an alternative way of financing public sports facilities, so that “costs” can never be used as a solid argument against providing children with proper sports facilities.

Size 5 Venues enables sports sponsoring in public spaces. This is nothing new in and of itself, because sponsoring in sports is already a very common thing, and advertisements in the streets aren’t exactly rare either. We merely provide an overlap between these two aspects. Local authorities can decide for themselves whether they prefer neutral sports fields or sponsored venues. What matters is that the financial matters are eliminated, so that the ones who come out on top are the children!

Outdoor Advertising
Our VolleyWall serves primarily as a training object, but it makes for excellent advertisement boards at the same time. The fencing can be coated in whatever colour is desired, there is plenty of space for placing logos, and small billboards can be put in place to make use of alternating poster campaigns.

The costs of fully equipped VolleyWall fields can be compared with the annual cost of one billboard. The sports fields will last for at least ten years, so the costs of a sponsored pitch will only be 10% of regular outdoor advertisement prices.

News value
A sponsored venue not only provides exposure on location, but on completion it will also gain news value for the local media. On top of that, we can use our extensive social network as a means of reaching many people all over the country whenever a new venue is completed. These ways of drawing attention cannot be achieved with regular outdoor advertisement.